Dear manufacturer of slot car parts,

The International Slot Racing Association (ISRA) homologates certain parts
every year to make them officially accepted within the ISRA World
Championships in following year's events.

The homologation process runs according to the ISRA rulebook
( and states final submission dates and parts possible to

Parts submitted to late will not be accepted. Submission is done by sending
samples of the commercially available part (chassis or bodies) including
part number.
Due to the existence of illegal copies of particularly bodies it is
advisable that the part number is visible even when the part is mounted
(i.e. inside the cockpit or on top of the pans).

The submitted parts will be presented and voted upon in the Delegates
meeting held over two sessions during the ISRA Worlds event 2009.
In the first meeting submitted parts will be presented to the ISRA
They are by then measured and scrutinized as to fulfill the required
dimensions and rules.
Until the Thursday during the race week the parts will be displayed to all
racers. The respective ISRA delegate will then discuss with their racers
regarding choices and decisions.
On the final day of the ISRA Worlds event a second delegates meeting is held
and decisions are made on body selection and on chassis approvals.

In 2009 homologations are accepted for the following parts:

Production 24 chassis - a 2-piece 4" stamped steel construction.
Formula 1/32 bodies - This class has a body list. No manufacturer may have
more than 5 bodies on the list at the same time.
Eurosport 1/32 body - This is a single body class. A selection is made among
submitted bodies by voting and the body chosen will be raced at the ISRA
Worlds events 2010 and 2011.

Your submitted parts has to reach ISRA at the latest on September 10 2009.
They must be sent to Kari Sinisaari on the following address.
Please use the address exactly as given:

Kari Sinisaari
Ahdenkallionkatu 36
05820 Hyvinkää

All parts will presented on the ISRA website as soon as the submission time
has expired.
Best regards and we look forward to hear from You

ISRA Secretary
Lasse Åberg