Submitted bodies for ISRA racing in 2010


The bodies presented here are formaly submitted for homologation. However, they are not yet checked for dimensions. This will be done by the ISRA technical officer.
The ES24 bodies, not seen here, are due for picking as an ISRA Worlds single body at the delegates meeting in 2010.

In this list, Eurosport 32 and Formula 1 1/32. Production 1/24.

Eurosport 32

Eurosport32 Formal pick of the ISRA worlds single body for 2010-2011 will be done at the ISRA meeting in October 2009.

Submitted bodies are:

From BPA

Lola  , Eurosport 1:32
BPA Lola

From Betta

Betta SP Acura LMP2, Eurosport 1:32
Betta Acura LMP2 Eurosport 32

Betta SP Porsche LMP2
Betta Porsche LMP2, Eurosport 32

Betta GT Lola Aston LMP1
Betta GT Lola Aston LMP1

From RedFox

Audi R10,  Eurosport 1:32
Red Fox Audi R10 Eurosport 32

From CAT

Peugeot PUG-908LM, Eurosport 1:32
VAC Peugeot 908LM, Eurosport 32

Formula 1 1/32

From Betta

1/32 F1 Betta Brawn BGP 001
F1 Betta Brawn BPG 001

1/32 F1 Betta Ferrari F2007
Betta Ferrari 2007 F1

1/32 F1 Betta Renault R26
Betta Renault R26

From CAT

1/32 F2 Cat Vacs REDBULL 2008 (RB 08)
CAT Vacs RB08. F1

Production 1/24

Bodies for Production. (not for voting)

From Parma #1035

Parma 1035 Production 24