Approved bodies for ISRA racing in 2008


The bodies presented here are formaly approved for ISRA racing. The bodies are presented class by class;
Eurosport 24, Formula 1 32, and Eurosport 32.

Eurosport 24 (Formal pick of the ISRA worlds single body for 2009-2010 will be done at the ISRA meeting in October 2008. Submission of bodies must be 30 days prior to that meeting.)


The approved body for 2007-2008 is RedFox Audi Lmp

Formula 1 1/32

Approved bodies for 2008 are

Betta (UK)
BAR Honda V10 2004
Betta Williams BMW 2004
Betta Renault 2006

Bolid (Russia)
BMW Williams
(photo missing)

BPA (Czech Republic)
Ferrari (#040)
(photo missing)
Jordan 199 (#031)
(photo missing)
Williams WF23/BMW (#039)
(photo missing)
Mclaren MP 4-17 (#045)
(photo missing)
Jaguar R 4 (#048)
(photo missing)
BAR Honda (#056)

Toyota TF105 (#064)

F1/GP Mclaren 2003 (photo missing)
F1 McLaren 2005 (photo missing)
F1 McLaren 2006



Eurosport 32 (Bodies for ES32 body for ISRA Worlds will be decided by the delegates meeting in October 2009. Final submitting date is 30 days prior to that meeting)

RedFox (Brazil) Audi Lmp is the approved body for 2008-09