Isra drivers ranking for 2014 has been updated. ISRA WC 2014 will be held in Limbazi, Latvia. More information you can find on


Registration for ISRA Worlds 2013 in Kiev is closed. We have 109 registrated drivers from 16 countries.


Here you can see new points system which will be valid since 2014. Target was to have greater points difference between 25th and 50th. We agreed that new points system should minimize impact for top 20. There is valid Ranking 2013 compared with the new points system. Last file is recalculated starting line for Ranking 2014 with new points compared with the old points system.


ISRA Worlds 2014 will be organized in Latvia. Janis Rage/Ragis is the responsible person for the coordination and organization of the event in Latvia.


ISRA Warm-up will be held in Kiev, StolychneShose 90, Toyota center in April 22nd - 28th 2013. More info you can find on Warm-up websites: There is first picture of ISRA Worlds 2013 track in Kiev.

On behalf of the ISRA family, the ISRA officials have decided that Charlie Gooding will become our "Honorary President". After 19 years of dedicated service as ISRA Chairman and as founder of the organization. He deserves the utmost respect from everyone. Thank you Charlie! (Whole letter from Chris Bruyninx to Charlie Gooding you can find here).

Charlie Gooding decided to resign as ISRA Chairman. Delegates elected Chris Bruyninx as a new ISRA Chairman.

2012 ISRA World Championship in Malmo is over. Many thanks to organzer and congratulations to new World Champions: Piero Castricone and Guido Santarelli (ITA) in Production 1/24, Vladimir Horky (CZE) in Eurosport 1/32, Piero Castricone (ITA) in Formula 1/32 and Matti Fyhr (FIN) in Eurosport 1/24.

14 February

20 July

The International Slot Racing Association (ISRA) homologates certain parts every year to make them officially accepted within the ISRA World Championships in following year's events.......

If you plan to race the ISRA Worlds 2009 and have not yet registered, the last day for register is Monday 31 August.

For producers and suppliers. Don't forget the 10:th of September dead-line for homoligation.

We will send out a remind to producers and suppliers that previously have sent in items for homoligation.

The closing date for proposal, bids and products for homologation is coming closer. It is on Sept 11.

25 April

Section 1.5 in the Rulebook about number of entries does not take effect until the event in 2009 in Finland.


20 April


16 April

Sincere thanks to the Slovakian organisers for the ISRA Worlds event 2007. A great success!

Congratulations to the new Champions; Mikael Palmqvist, Michael Landrud, Brian Saunders and Vladimir Horky.


2 October


The technical inspection will under no circumstances accept a car where the bumper line is cut into or removed.


21 June

22 April

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28 May

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2 February

2 February


20 November

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25 April

The rule book 2017 is published.

ISRA Ranking 2017 is published.

ISRA 2017 World Championship event has its own web site.

The registration for 2017 Championship will open on 30th of March (30.3.2017). Don't miss it! This will be the official registration site for the event.

ISRA Ranking 2017 was sent to the delegates for a preview. They have one week to respond and comment before the ranking is published online.

Minutes from the delegates' meetings are published. Find them under 'ISRA Proceedings'

2018 World Championships will be held in Finland, Vaasa

In the PR24 technical inspection, special attention will be paid to illegal grinding of the chassis. In the picture below we marked a few "hot spots" that are sure to be checked.

As delegates voted in the last skype meeting: ES24 body with a curved front is ILLEGAL!! See the picture of a body with curvy front

Due to manufacturer's quality control issues, there are Red Fox ES24 bodies with different shaped front end and drivers. Distributers have been sent stock of both shapes. The ISRA Board believes no racers should be inconvenienced by this issue, therefore both variations of the genuine Red Fox body will be permitted.

The Board along with the delegates, will resolve this issue for future Worlds.

RULEBOOK 2016 is published!

Minutes from ISRA Meeting on 8th May are published under ISRA Proceeedings

The "New Option Retaining Clip" for all Patriot Chassis is illegal according to ISRA Rules

The next Skype meeting for delegates is scheduled for Sunday 8th, May at 8pm (UTC+1).

Delegates will receive an email invitation.

2 March If the 2016 WC organisers meet their specified program, it should be possible to

open registration in April.

2 March

Ernie Mossetti says all current distributors' orders will be fulfilled by 1st April

29 February Minutes from ISRA Meeting on 28th Feb have been published. Find them under

ISRA proceedings!

19 February Date changed!! ISRA Delegates will have a meeting via Skype, on Sunday 28th

February at 8pm (UTC+1)

15 February Concerning the registration to 2016 Worlds in Chicago, ISRA Board states:

If the track is in the raceway by 31st March, the registration can open on the

1st April for three months until the 30th of June.

9 January ISRA Ranking 2016 has been published! Find it under ISRA Drivers' Ranking.



17 November Picture of the new Mossetti Patriot 2 Piece Chassis. Allowed by ISRA Rules.

Motor brace is .050'' Spring steel, also Nickel plated like the chassis.

9 November Pictures of the new ES24 body. Audi Concept 2015

Click the pictures to enlarge

5 November The dates for ISRA Worlds 2016 in Chicago - USA, are 7th - 15th Oct.


Here is a picture of the track to be

(Click the picture to enlarge)

29 October Minutes from the ISRA Meetings are published. Find them under ISRA Proceedings.



2017 Worlds will be held in ITALY!


Cutting rules for ISRA 2015 production body.

ISRA Rulebook 2015 is now published!

Email for voting of proposals regarding Rule 1.6 send to 13 Countries delegates.

Voting close 22 March,


We will send out Proposals to delegates for voting this week so make shure that you have updated mailadress and delegate for your Country.

ISRA Delegates list click here here

16 Feb



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New ISRA ES32 Body 2015-2017 Audi R15 TDI ( KZA #656)

Production body for ISRA 2015 is BMW M4 DTM (ATTAN 1501)

Isra drivers ranking for 2015 updated.

ISRA proceedings section updated with minutes from 2014 meeting in Limbazi, Latvia.

New Rulebook you can find here: ISRA Rulebook 2014.

Production body for ISRA 2014 is Volvo S 60 TTA (ATTAN 1401)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014!


Now there is finally conclusive results from ISRA WC 2013 in Kiev.


Cutting rules for production body.

Link to ISRA 2013 Worlds home websites



New Rulebook you can find here: ISRA Rulebook 2013.


Production body for ISRA 2013 is BPA K087 Toyota coupe

2013 ISRA Worlds will be hosted in Kiev, Ukraine from 4th to 13th October 2013.

Other races on WC track will be ISRA warm-up race 24. - 28. 4. 2013 ( practice from 22. 4. )

and CIS-cup 31. 7. - 4. 8. 2013 ( practice from 29. 7. ).

ISRA ranking 2013 was published under "ISRA drivers ranking" section.

Charlie Gooding sent open letter to all ISRA members.

2013 ISRA Worlds will be hosted in Kiev in Ukraine. There is Ukraine bid.

Registration for ISRA Worlds 2012 is closed. We have 124 entrants from 14 countries.

Austria withdrew their candidature for ISRA Worlds 2013. New organizer will be elected in Malmö.

ISRA 2012 Rulebook was released.

Link to ISRA 2012 Worlds home websites:

Production body for ISRA Worlds 2012 is Volvo S60 (BPA #K061).

ISRA Worlds 2011 in Sao Paulo is over. Results and Ranking 2012 were added.

Updated. Driver's Handbook for ISRA Worlds 2011 Sao Paulo, Brazil here.  (opens in a new window).

Interpretation of rules at the ISRA Worlds 2011 Sao Paulo, Brazil here.

The notes are intended to clarify some of the rules for technical inspection.

Driver's Handbook for ISRA Worlds 2011 Sao Paulo, Brazil here. updated see August 24

"ISRA Worlds track and champions" page updated. 2011 Worlds.

Rulebook updated with time table for the 2011 ISRA Worlds event.

Rulebook for 2011 added. (pdf-format)

Link to ISRA 2011 Worlds home page

ISRA 2011 home page

ISRA proceedings section updated with minutes from 2010 meeting in Chicago, USA.

ISRA 2010 Results for Production 24, F1-32, Eurosport 32 and Eurosport 24 (opens in new window)

ISRA Ranking for 2011 under section "ISRA drivers ranking"

(Note! Correction. Points updated for Paul Gawronski and George Russel which affects ranking numbers 50-55)

Results from ISRA World Championship 2010 here.

(updated points as mentioned above)

ISRA proceedings sections updated with submitted bodies and chassis.

Correction of error in Section 4.2.1 Dimensions for Formula1   1/32.

Rulebook updated. Section 4.2.3. Body.  F1/GP Ferrari 2008 back on the list.

Rulebook updated. Section 4.1.2 Chassis

Rulebook updated

ISRA proceedings section updated with minutes from 2009 meeting in Finland.

Link to ISRA World Championship 2010

ISRA 2010 home page

Contacts updated

ISRA 2010 ranking under "ISRA drivers ranking" in main menu.

ISRA procedings updated with submitted bodies and production chassis for ISRA racing 2010.

(29 Sept) Note. The page updated. Was wrong manufacturer on the suggested Production body

Read the whole letter here.

Extract from rulebook.

Bodies and production chassis for approval must be submitted no later than on the day 30 days prior to the ISRA delegates meeting. Bodies and chassis submitted late will not be considered. Submitted bodies and production chassis will past final date be published with photo at the ISRA website.

See more in section 6 of the rulebook

Today is the new rule book published. Only the version published here is ISRA official.

Short technical information for cars:


Production 1:24 body is Betta Audi A4 2006

Formula 1:32 RedFox F1/GP Ferrari 2008 body is new.

Eurosport 1:24. RedFox Audi LMP valid for 2009-2010.

Invitation and information in PDF format for the:

 - North European Championship/World Championship warm-up

 - ISRA 2009 World Championship

Link to document here

ISRA proceedings updated with the minutes from the Milton Keynes meetings.

 ISRA World tracks and champions updated with the new 2008 World Champions.


 ISRA 2009 ranking under "ISRA drivers ranking" in main menu.


Photos of bodies submitted for ISRA racing are published in the ISRA Proceedings page.


Below some illustrations of how a motor brace might be done according to the rules: Observe that it has to be in one piece, mounted below the rear axle and attached to the motor.

The closing date is passed for rule proposals as well as submissions for body and chassis homologation for ISRA racing in 2009. The ISRA secretary is working through the material and soon it will be published here.


A bid for the 2010 ISRA Worlds from Brazil - Sao Paolo is published in the ISRA Proceedings page

The Chicago bid for the ISRA Worlds 2010 has been updated.


How the RED Fox BMW 320 is going to be teched at the Worlds. Observe that the air intakes at the front must be intact, which means that there must be some material left below them.


A new bid for the ISRA Worlds 2010 from USA is presented in the ISRA Proceedings page.


Very important dates

Submission of products for homologation for ISRA racing in 2009 is September 11 2008. This year it is open for 2-piece Production 24 chassis, Eurosport 24 bodies for racing 2009 and 2010, and F1 32 bodies. All submission shall be done via sending the product to the ISRA secretary, Lasse Ĺberg (address available under contacts). A photo of the product shall also be sent  to the secretary by e-mail. Since the pick of the body is done at the Delegates meeting in the UK in October it is important that it is presented well. Please send a nicely painted body.

Submission of proposals for rulebook changes has the same deadline, September 11 2008. No rules are possible to change unless a proposal is submitted in time.

All submissions will be presented on the ISRA proceedings page on September 12 2008. Bodies and chassis designs will not be presented to anyone outside the representatives of ISRA prior to this date.

Spain has now a web link.

The Rulebook links are updated and should work now. Printable version and a short technical specification version for drivers is soon added as well.

The 2008 Rulebook is published in the Rulebook section.


The ISRA Delegates meeting minutes now published in the ISRA Proceedings page.


The Rulebook will be updated in line with these decisions as well as in line with the decisions made on the basis of the committees that are at work until the end of November. Particularly this has an impact on the entry levels for the years to come.

The ISRA-Delegates meeting made several important decisions. These will be presented here soon. In short however, Lasse Ĺberg takes over as ISRA secretary from Lars Harrysson, Finland won the bid for the ISRA Worlds 2009, and RedFox Audi was the chosen body for Eurosport 32 for 2008 and 2009.

Submitted proposals are published in the ISRA Proceedings page. Proposals may be submitted at the race as well. Please see the Rulebook for instructions.

Eurosport bodies and Production chassis submitted for approval are presented with photos in the ISRA Proceedings page. The submission process has been complicated and delayed due to several factors. For next year the dates will need to be kept prompt, and we at ISRA have to make sure that the information get to the producers properly. Step by step we are getting better at this. All submitted bodies look really nice. A hard pick this year. The two chassis submitted look good, however, the JK chassis need a rulebook change. Such a proposal is entered.


All rule proposals that has been submitted will be disclosed on the web during the weekend to come.

ISRA has received to bids for the Worlds event in 2009: USA and Finland. Both bids are downloadable from the ISRA proceedings page. The decision is made by the Delegates meeting on Saturday 15th of September 2007.


The Finnish bid is aimed at 2010 as well. It is open for anyone to make a first announcement for a bid concerning the 2010 event at the meeting in Slovakia. The 2010 event will be decided by the Delegates next year.


We are getting closer to the final submission date (September 7) for bodies and production chassis. Finland, USA and Brasil must also provide their 2009 ISRA-Worlds bids by that date. Those interested of a later event may also send in a note of their interest.


The Skoda Octavia body to be used in the Production race is easy to cut to low due to that the 23 mm "bottom of windscreen" measure allows a very low front. However, you are not allowed to cut lower than what is illustrated in the top photo below. The effect is that the "bottom of windscreen" measure exceeds 23 mm.


Today is the new rule book published. Only the version published here is ISRA official.


Bodies and Production 24 chassis for homologation has to reach the ISRA Secretary by the latest on Friday September 7 2007. This year 1/32 Formula 1 and Eurosport 1/32 are open for new body approvals. The body for Production 24 is going to be presented by Great Britain as well. Refer to the Contact page on this website for address details. Please use registered mail and send the ISRA secretary an e-mail with the tracking no. Photos of submitted bodies and chassis are published on this website September 8 2007, i.e. beyond final submitting date.

Interested organisers for the ISRA Worlds 2009 have to have their complete applications with the ISRA secretary by the latest Friday September 7 2007. Applications can be sent via e-mail or normal postal services. Refer to the Contact page on this website for address details. In the Proceedings page you also find suggestive topics for applications. These are necessary to cover in an application, but the way it is done is of course up to the applicant.


The new rulebook is out for vote among the delegates. This far everyone has voted for.


The RedFox Audi Lmp is available in thickness .005, please contact your dealer or the ISRA secretary.


Russia now has a website connected to their association.

New contact address for ISRA Secretary, see under contacts.


The new rulebook is in progress.


ISRA Worlds 2007 website released

The ISRA Worlds 2006 is over. Great many thanks to Italy and Soragna for hosting us.


All the results are posted under ISRA Worlds and 2006.


Minutes from the delegates meeting is posted under ISRA Proceedings


Chosen body for Eurosport 24 during 2007-08 will be RedFox Audi Lmp. The selection process is described in the minutes from the Delegates meeting.

Other approved bodies, that is in Formula 1 32 are posted in the ISRA Proceedings page under submitted bodies.


Information on the ISRA Worlds 2007 in Slovakia is posted under ISRA Worlds


The new ISRA Ranking is posted.


ISRA Worlds 2008 will be held in Great Britain.


RedFox is submitting bodies as well. Photos to come.


Bodies submitted for homologation in ES24 and F1 32 published under "ISRA proceedings".


Proposal for staging the ISRA 2008 Worlds by United Kingdom presented under "ISRA proceedings".


The Race controller at the ISRA Worlds 2006 will be Andy Wasserman from USA, assisted by Giovanni Montiglio from Italy. Race director is Ernie Mossetti from Canada.