PR24 Technical Inspection

In the PR24 technical inspection, special attention will be paid to illegal grinding of the chassis. In the picture below we marked a few “hot spots” that are sure to be checked.

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ES24 Body Issue

As delegates voted in the last Skype meeting: ES24 body with a curved front is ILLEGAL! See the picture of a body with the curvy front below.

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Quality Control Issues

Due to manufacture’s quality control issues, there are Red Fox ES24 bodies with different shaped from ends and drivers. Distributors have been sent stock of both shapes. The ISRA Board believes no racers should be inconvenienced by this issue, therefore both variations of the genuine Red Fox body will be permitted. The board along with the delegates, will resolve this issue for future Worlds.

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Next Skype Meeting

The next Skype meeting for delegates is scheduled for Sunday, May 8th at 8PM (UTC+1). Delegates will receive an email invitation.

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2016 Registration

If the 2016 World Championship organisers meet their specified program, it should be possible to open registration in April.

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Mossetti Chassis

Ernie Mossetti says all current distributors’ orders will be fulfilled by 1st April.

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2016 Registration

Concerning the registration to the 2016 Worlds in Chicago, ISRA board states: If the track is in the raceway by March 31st, the registration can open on April 1st for three months until June 30th.

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New Mossetti Patriot 2 Piece Chassis

Picture of the new Mossetti Patriot 2 Piece Chassis. Allowed by ISRA Rules. Motor brace is .050″ Spring steel, also Nickel plated like the chassis.

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