ISRA proceedings

At each Worlds event three meetings are held. Before the races questions are presented and discussed. A Race Jury is elected for the duration of the race. This race jury will also work as an election committee for the next event. During the event the delegates are able to discuss further with their national racers, and then, by the end of the event the third meeting is held and decisions are made.

Minutes from ISRA Delegates meetings

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Submitted proposals for coming ISRA Worlds events


Finland Vaasa (accepted for 2018)



2017 Italy (accepted for 2017)

Finland Kotka



2016 USA Chicago (accepted for 2016)


Brazil Rio/ Sao Paolo


USA Philadelphia

2015                                Czech Republic Luštěnice (accepted for 2015)

                                         Belarus Minsk

2014                                Latvia (accepted for 2014)

2013                                Ukraine Kiev (accepted for 2013)

                                         United Kingdom Chichester

2012                                Sweden Malmo (accepted for 2012)

2010                                Brazil Sao Paolo (accepted for 2011)

                                         USA Albany

                                         USA Chicago (Accepted for 2010)

2009                                Finland (Accepted for 2009)

2008                                United Kingdom (Accepted for 2008)

Approved F132 body and Production chassis 2016















JK Cheetah Aeolos


(picture will be added soon)

Submitted bodies and production chassis for ISRA racing 2011

Submitted bodies and production chassis for ISRA racing 2010

Submitted bodies and production chassis for ISRA racing 2009

Chassis (no chassis are submitted)

Approved bodies and production chassis for ISRA racing 2008 (photos)

Submitted proposals for Rulebook changes