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UPDATE from Edijs regarding registration for the 2024 ISRA World Championship

Fortunately, and unfortunately, at the same time, the popularity of the event is sky-high resulting in very high-ranked drivers’ participation.

This again means that previously unranked drivers will only have spots in the PR24 race which has unlimited entries.

I will encourage every single one of you to participate PR24 race. This will be your ticket to the following year’s championships and an extremely good opportunity to prove that you belong within the 120 best in the world racers.

I know this is a premium problem and I wish it were possible not to have the maximum participation limit.

Also, there are still unranked and unapproved (by your local or relevant delegate) drivers, these must be approved immediately to me (by any means you know how to reach me ) to enable the organizer and race director to plan the event.

See the webpage section for registered drivers.

Thank you and have a great summer!

(July 1st 2024)

Dear Racers, Following the delegate’s vote, The Board would like to welcome Edijs Zaks as the new ISRA Chairman. Edijs is a well-respected racer, who we are confident will lead ISRA in a thorough and conscientious manner. We would also like to take this opportunity to pass on our thanks, and those of the racers, to Chris Radisich for all his work over the past years, he has moved ISRA forward and kept everything going through very challenging times. Jason, Richard, and Woody

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